How To Clean Your Oriental Rug

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Whether your oriental rug is an heirloom or something you recently purchased, cleaning it is very important. Cleaning your oriental rug is done in a few different ways. You need to routinely clean and maintain your rug, as well as deep clean it, to keep it looking great. See below for a few routine and deep cleaning tips.

Routine Cleaning And Maintenance

  • Vacuum Regularly. When you vacuum the rest of your home, vacuum your rug as well. Vacuuming your rug regularly will help get rid of everyday dirt and dust that can build up and make your rug look dingy. Be sure to change your vacuum to the highest setting, so the spinning bristle bar doesn't damage your rug.
  • Rotate Often. Rotating your rug will help even out foot traffic that comes across your rug, and even out the amount of sunlight that hits your rug. Rotate it at least one time per year.
  • Shoes Off. Keep your shoes off of your rug to help control the buildup of dirt and debris. This is good practice with your carpeting as well. Shoes should be taken off as soon as you enter your home to ensure whatever is on the bottom of your shoes doesn't come into your home.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your rug should be done at least once per year, or more if your rug really needs it. See below for instructions.

  • Vacuum your rug, both the top and bottom side, to get rid of all loose dirt and dust.
  • Take your rug either outside to your clean garage floor, or out on your clean driveway and lay it flat.
  • Wet your rug with cool hose water. Never use hot water, as hot water can damage your rug.
  • Test a small section of your rug with either a mild carpet shampoo, or a mixture of vinegar and dish washing liquid. Check to see if the color runs or fades. If there is no damage, apply the shampoo or mixture to the entire rug.
  • Rub the shampoo into the rug weave using a soft bristle brush. Shampoo the top and bottom sides of your rug.
  • Apply the shampoo to the fringes, if your rug has them. Run your fingers through the fringes to help separate them.
  • When finished, use clean hose water to rinse the shampoo from your rug. Be sure to get rid of all of the shampoo from both sides and the fringe.
  • Using a rubber squeegee, wick the water away from the rug and allow it to dry completely before replacing it in your home.

Keeping your rug clean and well maintained will help keep your rug looking beautiful and will ensure it will have a longer lifespan. For more care tips, contact a company like Oriental Rugs Of Scottsdale.


19 December 2014

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