Make A Homemade Wooden Wall Plaque With A Special Photograph

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Take a family photograph and attach it to a large wood slice to make a beautiful wall plaque to hang in your home. Add some other decorative materials and you will own a keepsake that you will enjoy looking at each day.

Use These Items

  • large wood slice
  • soapy water
  • sponge
  • electric sander
  • sandpaper
  • photograph
  • wood glue
  • varnish
  • paintbrush
  • lace
  • scissors
  • picture hanging kit
  • screw driver
  • heavy duty nail
  • hammer
  • ruler

Clean And Sand The Wood

Use a wood slice that you have cut off of a log or that was purchased from a lumber yard. Clean it with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the surface off well. After it is dry, smooth the flat sides of the slice with an electric sander and sandpaper. Once these areas feel smooth, stop sanding and wipe away any dust that has been left behind.

Attach The Picture And Apply Varnish

Attach the picture to the wood slice with wood glue. Place the wood on a surface that is covered with newspapers while the picture is drying. Use a paintbrush to add varnish to the surface of the plaque. This material will seal the picture and provide a shiny surface. Use a thin, even coat. It takes varnish a few hours to dry, so be prepared to complete this step in several sessions if you are adding more than one coat. Each coat will add additional protection and will prevent the picture from peeling off of the wood or fading. 

Add Lace Trim And A Picture Hanger

Cut out strips of lace and glue them around the edges of the picture. This attractive detail will draw attention to the photograph that you are going to be displaying. Attach the hardware from a picture hanging kit to the back of the plaque. Use a ruler to assist with lining it up evenly. Tighten the screws into the hardware with a screwdriver. Install a nail into the location that you will be using to display the plaque. Make sure that it is large enough to support the weight of the wood.

Line up the hardware with the nail and make sure that the plaque is secure before letting go of it. Your homemade plaque will be a beautiful addition to your home. Consider making more of these decorative wall plaques with additional photographs to give away as special gifts. Your family and friends will appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness. 


14 January 2015

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