Staying Secure And Reducing Costs - Choosing Between Repairing And Replacing Windows

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Owning your own home can be among the most exciting and satisfying parts of anyone's life, but it is not without its challenges. Home ownership means being responsible for building a knowledge base on a wide variety of repairs, and building that base can be a challenge for those without a background in maintenance.

Your windows are the gateway to the world, and they're also among the most vulnerable parts of your home. If your windows are damaged, you can be faced with the difficult choice of repairing or replacing them. Below, you'll find a guide to deciding between window repair and replacement, allowing you to find cost effective repairs as quickly as possible:

Frame Rotting

In older homes, your window frames are likely to be made of wood. Wood frames can add to the aesthetic of your home, but also run the risk of wearing down and being exposed to severe damage. If you notice rotting or splitting, it should be addressed immediately.

In many cases, a rotted frame can be repaired without having to replace the entire window. If the frame has degraded to the extent that its structure is unstable, however, you may want to seek a full replacement. If you find yourself having to replace wooden frames, you should consider whether your home can withstand future damage and contemplate switching to metal or composite frames.

Broken Panes

Some windows are comprised of multiple panes, which can provide you with the opportunity to perform repairs and avoid replacements. Most window damage is localized, so when individual panes are separated, the vast majority of your window won't be affected.

Unfortunately, pane replacement can be difficult. If you have to disassemble the frame of your window, it's generally better to hire a professional repair service to do so. You should also consider the way a broken pane may affect the security of the rest of the window, and if your replacement is of lower quality than the original, a full replacement may be needed.

Broken Seals

If you're noticing increased condensation on the inside of your windows or a strong draft blowing through your glass, your pane likely has a blown seal. If you can carefully remove the entire piece of glass, there are sealant products that can be directly applied to the damaged seal to provide a patchwork solution. Unfortunately, permanent solutions will often require you to have the glass replaced, as that is the only way to guarantee a full meld of the glass to the frame.

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22 January 2015

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