Four Essential Tools For Proper Care And Trimming Of Your Trees

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If you want to have healthy trees, they will need to be regularly trimmed. This requires the right tools, such as saws, cutters and shears. There are some tools, like chainsaws, that can make the job of trimming trees a lot easier. Having all the right tools can make it easier to care for your trees when you cannot have a tree service do the job for you. Here are four of the most essential tools you will need to trim and care for your trees:

1. Large And Small Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are the scissor like tools that are used to cut the small branches off trees and plants. For some of the smallest branches, a small hand-sized pair of shears will do the job fine. If you have larger branches to trim, you will probably want to have a larger pair of pruning shears that will easily cut through larger or tough branches.

2. Small Chainsaws

If you have a lot of trimming to do, such as on overgrown trees, you will want to have a small chainsaw. The chainsaw can be useful for cutting any branches that are too tough to cut with hand tools. You can get chainsaws that are electric, which make less noise and are perfect for doing any small tree trimming work around your home.

3. Pole Pruning Tools

It may be difficult to reach high branches in large trees, but with pole pruning tools, you will be able to reach the highest branches of trees without climbing or using a ladder. These tools can be hand tool type tools, or they can be power tools that use electric or gas motors. For work around your home, the hand tools mounted on poles will be the most affordable option, and the power tools are geared more towards professional services.

4. Knives And Hand Tools

Knives and hand tools can also be handy when trimming small branches and plants in your yard. If you want to do any grafting of fruit bearing trees, a pruning knife is a great tool to have for this job. Small shears and saws can also be useful when doing light duty work during the growing season to keep your trees healthy.

These are some of the most essential tools you will need for caring for your trees. If you have trees that are too big or need special care, contact a tree service, like Trees Unlimited, to have the trimming done to keep these trees healthy too.


26 January 2015

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