3 Ways To Reduce The Need For Dishwasher Repair


A dishwasher can need repairs for several reasons, especially if there are problems with the lines and pipes that run to the dishwasher. If you want to reduce the chances of needing a repair, then here are 3 great tips.

Clean with Vinegar

If too much hard water builds up in your dishwasher, the heating element may not be able to properly dry your dishes in a normal cycle. Eventually, the heating element can go out or may not work properly from all of the caked on minerals. 

It is a good idea to run your dishwasher once a month or every couple of months without any dishes or food inside. Instead, fill the cleaning compartments with vinegar, and this will be the only cleaning solution in the dishwasher. When you wash with the vinegar, it will remove hard water that has built up on the heating element at the bottom of the machine. In addition to running a cycle with vinegar, pour vinegar directly on the heating element when it is cool, and use a soft scrubbing brush to remove the buildup that will not come off in the cycle. The vinegar will also run through the pipes that run to your dishwasher, which will help to remove buildup in this area as well, so this is a good method for cleaning many parts of your machine.

Use a Lighter Cycle

Second, consider using the shortest cycle for general dishwashing because the shortest cycle will take up less energy, it will not require as much water, and it will be easier on the appliance overall. Save your heavy cleaning cycles for rare occasions when you have a lot of dirty pots and pans that you cannot clean well by hand. The light cycle will prevent as much wear on the appliance.

Rinse Food Away

Lastly, rinse most of the food off of your dishes and cookware before putting them in the washer. While it is okay to have a little sauce or butter left on a plate, you do not want to leave particles of meat, vegetables, grains, and especially leafy greens on the dishes. Any of these bigger items can clog the pipes and can cause them to burst open. This is a sure way to be in need of a repair in a short period of time, so take the time to rinse the dishes partially before putting them in the machine.

By doing these 3 things, you can reduce or prevent the need for some kinds of dishwasher repair


29 January 2015

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