Refresh Your Windows On A Budget


If eyes are the windows to the soul, then your home's windows are important for two reasons: 1) From the outside looking in, your windows frame your life and lifestyle, and 2) from the inside, your windows direct the eyes to certain vistas and views. It makes sense, then, that your windows, like the rest of your home, should be treated as an important design element. Many practical, traditional window treatments (drapes, shutters, etc.) work well to block or let in light but are costly or unoriginal. Read on for five creative ways to refresh your window treatments on a budget.

Window Film

If you want to up your privacy, but still let in that gorgeous morning or sunset light, window film might be just what you need. It comes in a virtually unlimited supply of colors, patterns, and sizes, and not only is it great at blocking small or large windows, it is also extremely cost-efficient, space-saving, and easy to install and remove.

You can purchase non-adhesive window film, which is applied with slightly soapy water (the soap suctions the film to the window and holds it in place once dry), or use an adhesive-backed window film, which adheres to the window via a layer of already-applied glue. The non-adhesive film comes off with water, while the adhesive-backed film may require a store-bought remover.

Bypass Traditional Curtains

Curtains can quickly run up the costs of redecorating a room, especially if you're layering sheer and opaque material, but take a look outside the box at some nontraditional curtain and valence options to save some money and make your decor more dynamic. Flat sheets, coffee sacks, placemats, hanging mason jars--all are great options for window treatments that will give your guests something to talk about.

If the material around your window is metal, several magnets added to a a piece of creatively patterned material can serve as a no-sew curtain that can be put up or taken down at a moment's notice. 

Look To Lace

Similar to window film, lace can be adhered to any window that needs a new treatment. Two tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with two tablespoons cold water should be mixed with a cup and a half of boiling water. That mixture can then be painted on any window, the lace placed over it, and covered with another layer of the liquid. Depending on the type of lace used, this can add an element of romance or sweetness to a room, and once you're ready for a new look, it can be removed with a simple application of warm water.

Use Wallpaper

If you have roller shades, you can quickly update them with wallpaper. Find a pattern that complements the room or a large print that will double as a piece of art to punch up your home decor. Use a wallpaper-safe glue to adhere the paper to the shade, then, once dry, spray with a paper-protecting finish.

Creative Panels

If paper, plastic, or cloth don't appeal to you, consider metal or wood fretwork--decorative patterned cutouts that can create an interesting visual focus as well as beautiful shadows. The semi-private panels can be placed against the window or mounted to the wall on either side of the window.

Of course, if your windows are looking shabby themselves, window treatment won't quite do the job. Speak with experts like United Glass Service Inc to keep your windows in top shape.


5 February 2015

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