3 Signs That It's Time For A New Dishwasher


A dishwasher can be a pretty big investment, and you probably don't want to replace it if you don't have to. A good appliance repair professional can make repairs to your existing dishwasher, but there are many situations in which you're better off buying a new unit. These are three common signs that it's time to buy a new dishwasher for your home.

1. Your Shelves are Rusty

If you begin to notice rust on the shelves in your dishwasher, it's probably time to start thinking about making a replacement. Rusty dishwasher shelves are typically caused by hard mineral deposits in the water and are usually a sign that other components of your dishwasher also have rust damage. The rust can also damage your dishes and clog up the filter inside of your appliance. In the short-term, you can typically purchase a do-it-yourself kit to replace your dishwasher shelves, but it's often smart to start planning for a replacement instead.

2. There are Cracks on the Interior of the Dishwasher

Cracks on the outside of your dishwasher, such as on the door, can often be ignored for a while because they are typically strictly cosmetic. If there are cracks on the inside of your dishwasher, however, there could be a more serious problem at hand. These cracks often allow water to get into areas where it shouldn't, which can damage and ruin the mechanical components of your appliance. Although you can often replace the interior cracked component, doing so is usually costly. In many cases, it's more cost-effective to simply replace the unit instead, especially if it's an older dishwasher.

3. The Door Will Not Close Properly

Your dishwasher door should close and seal completely to prevent leaks and other issues. Over time, however, hot water can wear down the rubber component that acts as a seal and can cause it to fail. Properly replacing a worn-out seal can be tricky, and it's often better to replace your unit instead. This is because doing so can prevent the chance of major leaks, which can cause serious property damage to your cabinetry and flooring. In the long run, it's generally much more affordable to buy a new dishwasher instead of dealing with this potential damage.

If you notice any of these three signs, you probably need to replace your dishwasher. Luckily, there are lots of affordable options through providers, such as Gringer & Sons Inc, out there that will look and work great.


16 February 2015

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