Providing Extra Storage Space With Limited Room

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Small apartments and homes with compact rooms may not have enough space to keep convenient items such as electronics or reading materials. Storage chests may be too big to add, but if you consider using side tables to add a second level of storage for your items, you may find a few more convenient places to settle your objects without packing the closets to the brim. Consider a few ways that cheap side tables can make your storage woes less problematic.

Top And Bottom Stacking For Safety

The theory for saving space with side tables is simple; add things to the top of the table and store things on the bottom. You can either use the surface and the floor for storing object or add small containers underneath the table for more controlled storage.

Containers underneath the table may be more safe because it's harder to accidentally kick or step on miscellaneous objects that may be just a slight nudge from rolling out to the middle of the floor. You can find containers made of plastic that are large enough to take advantage of the side table's entire area, delivering a wide placement floor and even multiple levels to extend the amount of placement.

Try to reserve the top area for electronics. Dirt and debris from shoes and feet may be more likely to collect on the floor, and any electronics that contain fans and require ventilation may become clogged faster. Game consoles and computers are especially susceptible to this kind of damage and may create a fire hazard.

Cable management may be easier from the top table as well, allowing an area for the cables to drop and be secured by cable ties or cable runners that wrap around the cables.

Cleaning And Pest Management With Proper Placement

As you arrange objects with your new storage routine, keep in mind a few ways to keep the area clean.

With more stored objects, there may be gaps that are harder to clean without picking things up. If you're storing sensitive objects such as glassware or electronics, slippery cleaning materials may lead to dropping and breaking. Instead, try to maintain safe cleaning paths beforehand.

Arrange your objects so that they do not overlap. You'll be able to wipe between objects quickly and more efficiently without having to pick up too many pieces. Try not to have too many items that create covered holes or spaces, as you may allow vermin such as spiders to begin a new home.

If you're looking for side tables with specific width and height to fit your rooms better, contact a furniture specialist.


20 March 2015

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