3 Areas To Spring Clean That You May Not Have Thought About


As warmer weather settles over the country, your thoughts may be turning toward spring cleaning and preparing your house for summer. While there are a number of ways to clean your house and make it fresh for the coming year, such as washing curtains and sweeping dust from behind your furniture, there are a few areas that could use a scrubbing that you may not have thought about.


Spring is a good time to call a chimney sweep and have the creosote and ash that has built up over the winter removed from your chimney. A buildup of residue in your flue will not only make it harder for fire to burn in your stove, a dirty chimney could catch on fire. Not only will a chimney sweep thoroughly clean out any potentially hazardous materials that have accumulated, he or she is trained to recognize any other potential problems with your chimney or flue, including whether or not they may need repairs before the next winter season.      


Did you know that in a home with moderate use, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned from a company like Darling's Carpet & Floor Care once a year? In some cases, such as a home with a large family or several pets, you may need to have your carpet cleaned more frequently. Not only is ground in dirt harmful for your carpet, your flooring is a catchall for everything that enters your home via your clothing, pets, or open windows and doors, including pollen and dust. A professional cleaning will remove the allergens and dust from your carpet, making your home a more pleasant environment if you suffer from allergies. In addition, regular cleaning will lengthen the life of your carpet.        

Swimming pool

What better time is there to break out the cleaning equipment and scrub the pool than the onset of warm weather? If you prefer a natural cleaning solution, try scrubbing any lime scale or algae buildup from the pool tile with baking soda and a small brush. Spring is also an excellent time to schedule a day to spruce up your whole pool area, including the deck. Clean away any stray cobwebs, fallen leaves, or debris, and add a pop of color with fresh pots of flowers. Your pool and the surrounding area will be fresh and inviting before the onset of swimming season.

As you enjoy the warmer weather and dig into your spring cleaning, don't forget to schedule cleaning days for the less obvious parts of your home. Then you will have peace of mind, knowing your home is fresh, clean, and inviting for the coming year. 


16 April 2015

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