Tips For Cleaning A Dark-Colored Carpet

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People often assume that dark carpets are easier to clean than light-colored carpets, since they don't show stains as easily. While this may or may not be true, cleaning dark carpets does require some special attention to detail. Follow these tips the next time you shampoo or spot-clean your dark carpet, and you'll have a greater chance of success with fewer mishaps.

Test any carpet cleaner you use in an inconspicuous area.

Dark carpets are not as common as light carpets. Thus, some carpet cleaners may never have been tested on a burgundy, brow, black or otherwise dark carpet to see if they bleach it out. Furthermore, some dyes are more easily washed out than others, so the only way to know whether a particular carpet shampoo or cleaner is safe for your dark-colored rug is to test it.

Take a small amount of the full-strength cleaner on a cotton swab, and dab it on a single carpet fiber in a hidden area, such as behind the television stand, under the sofa, or under an area rug. Let it sit for a few hours before judging whether or not it has bleached out the carpet. It if has lightened the carpet fiber, you can likely snip off the bleached portion of that single fiber without causing noticeable damage to the carpet.

Be extra careful about sucking up all water after shampooing.

Most carpet shampooers leave behind a slight soapy residue. This is much more noticeable on dark carpets ā€“ it appears as a white, dust-like coating. To avoid the dreaded dusty look, make sure you go over your carpet with only the suction function of the carpet shampooer turned on several times after shampooing. Also, be extra sure that you're diluting the carpet shampoo according to the instructions on the package, so you're not using any more soap than is necessary.

Clean the carpet shampooer out thoroughly after cleaning your dark carpet.

Little pieces of carpet fibers end up in your carpet shampooer after you use it. If you also have a light-colored carpet in your home, these fibers will cause quite the mess if they're deposited the next time you decide to shampoo your light-colored carpet. To avoid mishaps, thoroughly clean out your shampooer's water compartment, brushes, and under-region after every dark carpet shampooing session. Use a toothbrush to reach in little nooks and crannies.

With the tips above, you can more effectively keep your dark carpet clean and tidy. Remember, just because it's dark does not mean it does not get dirty. You should still shampoo it regularly to keep pollen and dust mites at bay. For more advice, speak with experts like Creative Carpet & Flooring.


5 May 2015

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