Different Types of Patio Covers To Shade Your Day

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Now that those warm days of summer have finally arrived, many homeowners enjoy spending their days relaxing on the patio. While the warmth of the sun may feel wonderful, it is important to protect yourself from the strong rays that could lead to an uncomfortable sunburn. If you plan to spend a lot of time out on your patio during the summer, you may want to consider using a patio cover. These are some different types of patio covers that make your time outside safer and more enjoyable.

Umbrella Covers 

One of the quickest, easiest ways to cover your patio is to use a large umbrella cover. These coverings are available in a variety of different sizes so you can shade enough of your patio to keep you most comfortable. Some are freestanding and some fit down through the center of a patio table so you can enjoy picnics out on the patio in a shaded area.

Umbrella patio covers can be easily adjusted so that you can get adequate coverage from any direction that those strong rays of the sun are beaming down from. On cloudy or rainy days, umbrella covers can be stored away until needed again.

Awning Covers 

Retractable awning covers are also a great way to create a shaded area on your patio. Awnings are installed on the edge of the roof of your home and extend out over all or part of your patio. Awning covers provide plenty of coverage so that you can relax on the patio without risking skin damage from the sun.

If heavy rains or thunderstorms are in the forecast, awnings can be rolled back up either manually or electronically. This protects them from being damaged should high winds occur. Awning covers are available in various sizes and colors so you can create a shaded area that meets your needs perfectly.

Pergola Covers 

Pergola patio covers are permanent structures that remain in place all year round. Pergolas are often made of two wooden beams that support a flat roof that is attached to the side or roof of your home. You can design pergola covers with a variety of different materials, but the stronger the material the more durable the structure will be.

Treated lumber is commonly used for the frame of a pergola patio cover so that it is more resistant to rain and snow. The flat roof of a pergola may be covered with treated plastic, vinyl, or even metal sheeting to give you adequate protection from the sun.

Choosing the best type of patio cover for your home depends on how much coverage you want, how much work you want to put into installing or building it, and whether you want a permanent or removable cover. Remember to take cost into account before deciding as well, because permanent patio covers are usually more expensive than temporary styles. For more information about patio covers, consider looking at this website: http://www.apolloopeningroof.com.


17 June 2015

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