Need A Place To Jam With Your Band? Try A Storage Unit

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Playing music in a band can be a great way to express your creativity and spend some time with your friends. But, with a rock music crescendo measuring in at a whopping 150 decibels, your neighbors might not be as fond of your band as you and your bandmates are. If you are looking for a secluded place to practice, you might want to consider a storage unit.

Here are three tips to help you negotiate a contract with your local storage unit company that will give your band a place to jam without interruption.

1. Offer to pay your rental fees in advance.

Musicians are notoriously irresponsible, so a storage unit company might be hesitant to rent a unit that your band can use as a practice studio. To help alleviate tensions during negotiation, be prepared to offer the company your rental fees in advance.

By paying for three or six months at the time you sign your contract, you show the storage unit company that your band is responsible and serious about using the storage unit as a respectable practice studio.

2. Be willing to negotiate when it comes to the hours your storage unit will be used as a studio.

A storage unit company might be hesitant to let your band use one of their units as a practice studio because they are worried about noise levels. Loud music can irritate some people, and other tenants might not find your music as soothing as you do. To overcome this hurdle you should be willing to negotiate when it comes to the hours your band will be using the unit as a studio.

Since other tenants are most likely to be entering and exiting their storage units during the day, offer to schedule your practice sessions for late afternoon or evening time slots. By showing the storage unit company that you are willing to make the effort to respect their other customers, you will have better luck securing a contract to use one of their units as a dedicated practice studio.

3. Obtain insurance on your equipment.

Guitars, amplifiers, drum sets, and recording equipment can be worth a significant amount of money. A storage unit company may be hesitant to take on the risk of housing this expensive equipment due to the possibility of theft.

To show the storage unit company that you are willing to minimize their risk, be sure that you have a valid insurance policy that covers the damage or theft of your band's equipment. This insurance policy will act as a bargaining tool when it comes to securing a contract with a storage unit rental company.

Housing your band in a storage unit can be a great way to get the practice time you need without disturbing your neighbors. Be sure that you are ready to pay rent in advance, adjust your practice schedule to accommodate the needs of the storage unit company, and acquire an insurance policy covering your band's equipment to make negotiating a contract with a storage unit company like Preferred Storage in your area a little easier.  


1 August 2015

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