Rooms In Bloom: How To Use Fresh Flowers To Enhance Every Room Of Your Home

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Whether you live in a tiny apartment in the city or in a spacious home in the country, fresh flowers can add charm and beauty to your home. Fresh flowers are also versatile and will fit in perfectly with any type of home decor.

Whether your home is decorated in a contemporary theme or a traditional design, a vase of fresh-cut flowers can bring a room to life. Their subtle scents also make them a great choice when it comes to finding non-chemical options for adding fragrance to the home.

They also make seasonal decorating a breeze. When you visit your local florist, you will always find the latest seasonal flowers for sale. Your local florist has already done the work for you. All you have to do is take the flowers home and enjoy the latest seasonal scents.

Flowers in the kitchen

What could be lovelier than a vase of flowers used as a centerpiece on the kitchen table? Consider the size of your table when selecting types of fresh-cut flowers for a centerpiece.

If your table seats six to eight people, you can use a large vase filled with a mixed blend of seasonal flowers. Larger flowers such as sunflowers and lilies work well on a large tables.

For a smaller table or breakfast nook that seats only two to four people, you can use a mason jar filled with a small bouquet of daisies or other tiny flowers. A bud vase with a single flower will also look elegant on a small table.

Flowers in the bathroom

Forget those floral scented sprays that can be overpowering to delicate senses. A small vase of aromatic flowers on the back of the toilet or on the vanity can provide lasting scent to freshen up the room.

Some good choices to use as natural deodorizers include gardenias, begonias, orchids, and jasmine flowers.

An added benefit of using flowers in the bathroom is the fact that most flowers will thrive and may live longer in the humid environment.

Flowers in the bedroom

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, you should consider adding a vase of roses to your nightstand, vanity, or dresser. Red roses are typically considered the most romantic of all flowers, but most all roses are highly fragrant.

When the roses begin to wilt, remove the wilted petals and place them in a small glass or ceramic dish to continue enjoying the fragrance. When completely dried, the petals can be used to make your own homemade potpourri.

Flowers in the living room

Think huge vases and big flowers if you want to create a dramatic effect in the living room. When placed beside a fireplace or in a corner, large flowers will make a huge impact.

Some types to look for include sunflowers, hibiscus, zinnias, and Gerbera daisies. Poinsettias are a favorite winter variety that will command attention with their large red blooms. Sprigs of lavender will also look great in a large vase.

Enhancing your home with fresh-cut flowers is as easy as stopping to visit your local florist. Regardless of what type of home décor you prefer, flowers are always in style. They are wonderfully versatile and will add instant beauty and fragrance to your every room in your home.


14 October 2015

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