Automating Your Office Cleaning To Supplement Janitorial Services

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Cleaning is a task that many do not enjoy. If you own an office space and you would not like to have time taken away from your core business, there is a growing number of ways that you can automate your office cleaning. Various innovations can help supplement the janitorial services you should also hire.

Vacuuming with Robots

One of the most common cleaning tasks performed by robots is vacuuming. The task is very repetitive and robots can complete the task while moving in predictable patterns. While there are cleaning robots designed for residential areas, commercial vacuum robots are currently in development. While these robots can clean most of the floor, they struggle to clean areas close to walls and underneath furniture. Therefore, you will still need to hire a janitorial service to clean these areas.

Cleaning High-Rise Windows with Robots

Rather than hiring commercial window cleaners to clean your windows, you can purchase automated high-rise cleaners. These are operated from the top of a building and are able to clean both the windows and frames. These machines use water that is purified. Also, since only the machines are scaling up and down the buildings, no one is placed at risk.

Keeping Toilets Clean Automatically

Spinning toilet brushes can ensure that your toilets stay clean. They will periodically scrub the toilet. The brush is powered by batteries and uses interchangeable heads. Also, automated toilets that flush will prevent human waste from staining the toilet, requiring a more thorough scrubbing.

Using Notifications for Employee Cleaning Duties

If you intend to have staff members participate in cleaning the office, use a software program that regularly sends notifications by phone or email so your employees can be reminded of when it is time for their cleaning duties. There are some tasks that can't be performed by machines or janitors, such as employees cleaning their desks. Messy desks can cause employees to become less productive and can also increase the risk of important papers getting lost. By using a weekly notification, your employees can be reminded to throw away unnecessary paperwork and organize paperwork that is necessary.

Hiring Janitors for Everything Else

Even though you can automate many cleaning tasks, it is still important that you hire a janitorial service. There are limitations to what robots can currently perform and a janitorial service will be able to clean your office, protect the health of your staff and improve your company's image. One company that may be able to help meet your needs is JR Cleaning Services.


5 November 2015

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