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Having a garden in your own backyard is great, as you can have fresh organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit at your disposal. You can create a large garden or just a small, simple garden on your patio with one or two plants. Whatever size garden you have, be creative with it. Here are some ideas for your next backyard garden.

Make Plant Markers

Throw out those small plastic plant markers that came with your plants and make your own. Paint a handful of 1" x 2" pieces of wood with chalkboard paint or black paint. Then use chalk markers or paint in bright colors to label each plant. 

Start Your Garden Indoors

If you're worried about your plants freezing, you can start your garden indoors and then transplant them later when the weather warms up a bit. You can invest in small indoor planters or use something you may already have at home. For example, you could use empty egg shells with the tops cracked open. Add some potting soil to the shells, plant your seeds, and then leave the egg shells in the egg carton. When your plants are big enough to be transplanted outside, you can plant the entire egg shell into the ground. The egg shell is a great compost material and can help your plants grow. 

Use Organic Pest Control

If you have a problem with slugs eating your plants, use cornmeal in a jar turned on its side. The slugs will eat the cornmeal, but the cornmeal is toxic for them. Sprinkle crushed egg shells around your plants to keep bugs such as Japanese beetles, snails, and slugs away from your plants. Sprinkle cinnamon onto small plants to help prevent fungus from taking over your plant and killing it.

Do Composting 

You probably throw out a lot of items every single day that can be used in a compost pile and then added to your garden soil to help improve plant growth. Items such as egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels or scraps, nut shells, dead leaves, and yard scrap can be put into a compost bin, left to break down, and then tilled into your garden soil before you plant your garden. Be sure to turn your compost pile weekly to distribute the oxygen in the compost bin evenly, and you'll also need to add water to keep it moist.

Other Ideas

  • Use empty and rinsed clear plastic soda bottles with the top cut off to work as a greenhouse for your plants. Place over the top of your plants to help with growth, keep your plants warm, and keep pests from eating your plants.
  • Take a large bucket filled with water and a plastic colander (small enough to fit inside the bucket) to clean your fruits and vegetables. Pick your fruits and vegetables, place them into the colander, then dip the entire colander into the bucket of water to clean your freshly picked fruits and veggies. 
  • Swathe tomato cages with plastic wrap to help protect your tomatoes and to help them grow. The plastic can protect your plants from insects and pests while also acting as a greenhouse.

Have fun with your next garden and be creative. Visit a local garden center, like Frank Otte Nursery & Garden Center St. Matthews, for everything you may need to plant your garden.


19 April 2016

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