Unearthing Stone In Your Own Yard When You Live In The Midwest: How To Do It And Why It Works

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Stone supplied from a landscaping company is nice stuff, especially if you can get it in various natural colors and hues. However, it may also prove somewhat pricey, depending on where you live and the landscaper you buy the stones from. If you live in the Midwest or the most northern parts of the plains states, you can get your stone supply for free just by digging in your yard. Here is how to do just that, and why it works.

How to Unearth the Stone and Rock

You may be surprised to learn that there is a great deal of stone and rock embedded in your lawn. This is a very normal occurrence in the Midwest and Northern Plains states, even when the ground appears quite flat and level. To unearth all of the natural stone and rock you want, pick an area of your property and begin to dig. A sizable hole should begin producing rocks and stones within a few feet below the grassy surface of your yard. Pick out all of the rocks and stones and toss them into a bucket or wheelbarrow nearby. This is the stuff you will use to decorate your own yard after you wash it off.

To speed up this process, rent a mini front loader or a backhoe. Select an area of your yard in which you would not mind having a good-sized hole. These two pieces of equipment should quickly begin to unearth and release rock and stone. (Especially large or heavy rocks that you find in the digging process will make good decorative pieces in your flower beds along the sides of the house, or they can serve as grave markers for family pets.)

Why It Works

Given your location, most of the terrain in the Midwestern and Northern Plains states was carved out of rock by the glaciers that once covered these areas. As these glaciers moved farther south, they unearthed and submerged rocks in turns, and pushed a lot more stone and rock to the ground and to the southern edges of of these massive ice shelves. That said, much of the area around you has lots of stone and rock buried not too far below the surface of the ground around your home. If you do not want to dig up your own yard to unearth stone/rock, just visit your nearest farm, where the farmer undoubtedly has picked his or her fair share of the stuff from the fields.


26 July 2016

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