Closing Out The Summer With An Evening Backyard Party? 3 Tips To Light It Up In Style

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Summer is drawing to a close and kids have gone back to school. If you want to close out summer by having a backyard party, you can light it up to make things look beautiful. Below are three landscape lighting tips to help you get started. 

Light Up a Pathway

If you have a pathway that leads to your backyard, add some path lights. This makes it much safer for your guests, especially when they are going home and it is darker outside. There are simple LED path lights that are simply pushed into the ground. They are an inexpensive option and do the job well. Consider how bright you want the lights to be when you purchase them.

You can find these lights in both contemporary and vintage designs in metals or plastics. They feature a domed top so the light is directed toward the ground. They are generally sold in sets. Make sure you buy enough to provide light down the entire pathway.

Light Up Trees

Add some white lights to your trees to provide light and to add some sparkle to the party. Wrap the lights around the trunk of the tree and then hang full strings of lights on the lower branches. You can find lights that stay solid or you can find lights that twinkle. Add these lights to all the trees in your backyard or only a few trees that are close to the area where you are having the party.

Light Up Driveway

Add some lights on each side of your driveway, running along the length of it. This not only looks nice, but will also help your guests see the driveway better when they arrive at the party. Path lights work well for this purpose also. If you want electric lights, use low-voltage lights or you can use LED lights.

Post lights also work well for this purpose. There are different types of fixtures available so you can create the look you want. They also come in different heights, so determine how tall you want the lights to be before you purchase them.

If you do not want to light up the entire driveway, put some post lights at the beginning of it and then post lights at the end of it.

Hire a landscape contractor if you are having problems with landscape lighting. They can install them for you and also give you some other tips on how to use them for your party. Contact companies specializing in landscape lighting to get more information.


19 August 2016

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