Flooring Options For 4 Rooms Of Your Home

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If you are planning to do a remodel of your house, you may feel overwhelmed with what you are going to do with it. One often overlooked part of a remodel is the floors. You are not limited to using a single flooring option throughout your house, since you can pick different types of flooring for the specific needs of the room. These are options for four different rooms of your home.


Do you not like the feeling of waking up and stepping on a cold floor every morning? Carpeting can be a great choice for your bedroom because of this. It makes the room feel warm, especially when it's a room that you will frequently be walking barefoot on. If there are kids or pets in your house, make sure to select carpeting that is dense and stain resistant.


Tile is commonly used in kitchens because it is stain resistant, but you do not need to go with tile if you do not want to. Know that there are alternative flooring options for the kitchen, such as stained concrete or epoxy flooring. Stain concrete is lightweight, so it can work for any home that will be a remodeling job. Epoxy flooring can be customized for your kitchen to simulate the look of tile flooring, but the material will be stronger than tile. Either of these two options won't have issues with cracking or staining in the kitchen.

Living Room

Hardwood doesn't work great in a full bathroom or kitchen, but it can work in your living areas. Want wood flooring with a bit of a different look? Engineer wood can be a great alternative, since it is made with the wood pattern that you want. Bamboo is also a great material, since it is comfortable on your feet, durable, and a green material.


A bathroom needs to have resistant flooring, and tile or epoxy flooring will work great for any bathroom in the house. Epoxy will be a more affordable option that is also very durable. For a half bathroom, you could use hardwood if you do want it to blend in with the rooms on the same floor. Consider applying an epoxy coat to the wood to protect it from water damage, making it a durable flooring option.

For help installing any of these flooring options, speak to a local flooring contractor. Even something as simple as installing carpeting can be difficult if you do not have the experience.


20 September 2016

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