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Are you tired of your house being the last one to have green grass in the spring? Do you want to know what you can do to make your lawn grow better next year? For the best growth, you'll want to winterize your lawn before any snow falls or frost hits. This aspect of lawn care isn't difficult but, like anything else, must be done properly for it to be effective. Here are some of the most important steps to take when winterizing your lawn:

Find out what type of grass you have: Different grass varieties have slightly different requirements. If it turns out that you have a warm-weather grass like Bermuda but you have followed the lawn care tips for a cold-weather grass, your grass won't be as nice as it could be. If you're not sure what type of grass you have growing in your lawn, the employees at your local lawn and garden center should be able to help you figure out exactly what you have. Only once you know what you have can you begin to actually get the best lawn possible.

Fertilize your lawn: Now that you know what type of lawn you have, you can apply the correct amount of fertilizer to your lawn. The packages of fertilizer in the lawn care center should have fall fertilization instructions for different varieties of grass. In the autumn, grass growth starts to slow and, as a result, you may think that this is a bad time to fertilize. On the contrary, the grass is getting ready to hibernate for the winter. Just like bears eat more food in the fall so that they can sleep all winter long, your grass will also start to store excess nutrients in its roots. In the springtime, these extra nutrients will give your lawn a boost and can help it wake up more quickly than it would if you had avoided fertilizing your lawn.

Leave it alone: Once the first frost hits, don't do anything to your lawn. Even if your grass has a brief growth spurt due to warmer weather, avoid the temptation to do anything to the lawn. Disturbing the grass after it has gone dormant may cause damage to the roots, potentially resulting in a lawn that takes longer to "wake up" in the spring or that will need more reseeding next spring and summer. Your grass knows what to do, so let it simply handle itself.

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13 October 2016

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