3 Ways To Make Your Patio Winter-Friendly

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You want to enjoy your outdoor patio all year long, but winter can make getting outside uncomfortable. The cold, wet winter weather can turn your patio into little more than a decorative storage space that you won't use again until the weather warms up. If you want to be able to sit outside during the colder seasons and enjoy the patio you love, then you may want to transform this living space into a winter-friendly environment. Here are 3 ways you can make your patio a favorite destination all year long.

Get a patio cover

A patio cover protects your deck from snow and rain moisture, which can help increase its longevity. You also get the benefit of remaining dry when you choose to stand on your patio to watch wildlife, snowfall, or to just enjoy the outdoors in general. A patio cover can be used to protect outdoor furniture as well. As an added bonus, you get the benefit of being able to use your installed patio cover in the warmer seasons as well for shade and sun protection. For more information, contact companies like Aluminum  Builders Home Center.

Add a portable fire pit

A fire pit is excellent for entertaining guests during the chillier evening hours any time of year, but comes in especially handy during the winter months when temperatures are dropping every day. Since a fire pit can be portable, you can move it to any area of your patio you wish, allowing you to be able to find the most comfortable locations to enjoy its safe heat.

Install screens

If you have a patio cover added to your deck, go one step further by installing screens to form temporary walls around your entire patio that you can raise and lower as you wish. This allows you to turn your patio into a sun room or deck living space in the summer months, a private dining or entertaining area any time of year, or a protective and warm area to relax if you want to enjoy the winter scenery. Screens can be installed the same time you have a patio cover put in, or they can be put in custom later.

Your patio should be a useful and enjoyable part of your home that you can utilize all year long. Whether you simply want to gaze at the winter wonderland around you or you want to keep your deck in its best condition, a patio cover and more can make this space much more winter friendly.


30 November 2016

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