Reasons to Have the Hardware Store Cut Your Purchases for You

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There are many different products that you can buy at your local hardware store that you'll need to cut upon getting home. Lumber is an obvious choice, but lengths of PVC pipe, electrical conduit, and other similar products all share the common trait of usually needing to be cut to length before use. You may not be aware that your local hardware store generally offers cutting services, which means that whatever you buy, you can provide a staff member with your preferred measurements and have them cut the product to length. Here are some reasons to ask for this service.

It Makes Transportation Easier

One of the biggest reasons to have a hardware store employee cut your product for you is that it will be easier for you to get home. If you're buying an 8-foot piece of pipe for a plumbing job, for example, it may not fit in your vehicle without considerable effort. You may need to pass the pipe through your trunk and set one end of it on your dashboard, which can be a hassle and potentially unsafe if you have passengers in the vehicle. After letting someone cut the pipes to your specifications, you can simply place the shorter pieces in your trunk.

It Saves You the Effort and Risk

Cutting products such as pipes and wood isn't an activity that is completely devoid of danger. While you should be able to cut these products to length in a safe manner, faulty equipment, user error, and even nearby distractions can potentially lead to a serious injury. Additionally, there's some effort that is involved in any type of cutting job, whether it's setting up a saw and then cleaning up your sawdust after, or taking the time to cut a pipe with a pipe cutter. You'll avoid both the effort and the risk when the hardware store does the work for you.

It Keeps You from Buying New Tools

If you don't have a well-stocked workshop in your home, you may sometimes lack the products that you need to cut certain items. While you might enjoy visiting your local hardware store and buying tools, you may also have limited space to store them and a limited budget. You can avoid having to buy new cutting tools — which is especially advantageous if you don't anticipate using them frequently in the future — if you simply ask to have your new purchases cut before you leave the store.


9 October 2020

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