5 Benefits Of Canvas Window Canopies

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Canvas canopies can look quite attractive when installed over the windows of your home. They also provide many benefits that far surpass their cosmetic appeal.

1. Good Value

Canvas is an attractive alternative to window coverings made of metal that also tends to be more affordable. The framing for the canvas awnings is typically made of rust-resistant metal, while the canvas is treated to be resistant against mold, UV damage, and sun fading. Much of the expense lies in the frame, which lasts for many decades. The canvas itself can be replaced as needed, but even it should have a service life of many years.

2. Sun Damage Protection

Carpets, furniture, and even wall paint can suffer from sun damage if it is near a sunny window. Canvas canopies block direct sunlight from invading the home while still allowing in diffused natural light and providing a clear view through the window. Over the years this can lead to major savings when it comes to the longevity of upholstery, carpeting, and other interior items.

3. Cleaner Windows

A major issue on some windows is water spotting, either from minerals in rainwater or due to the dust on the window when it rains. If you have windows that face the prevailing rains, you may feel like they need to be washed after every single rainstorm. A canvas canopy over a window prevents the raindrops from splashing onto the window, thus minimizing spotting and reducing the need to clean the windows.

4. Easy Maintenance

A canvas canopy doesn't require a lot of maintenance to stay in good repair and look its best. Loose dirt can be brushed off with a broom or bristle brush. If dirt gets into the fabric, the canvas can be removed for washing in gentle detergent and cold water. You may also need to reapply waterproofing and UV light treatments every few years, depending on the installer and manufacturer's recommendations.

5. Heat Gain Prevention

The same properties that prevent sunlight from causing fading issues inside your home also prevent solar heat gain through your windows. A little bit of a shade can go a long way toward reducing summer cooling expenses and reducing the energy use of your home's AC system. A canopy can also reduce this heat gain while still ensuring the window is fully operational so you can open it when you want a breeze.

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22 September 2021

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