Key Things To Look For In A Fire Extinguisher Distributor

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If your company is looking to purchase a bunch of fire extinguishers for a property, getting the wholesale variety might be the best way to save on costs. You'll need to get these systems from a distributor, and you can find one that you trust if you make sure they offer a couple of things.

Model Selection Assistance

If this is the first time you're purchasing a set of fire extinguishers for your commercial property as you may have just started a new business, then you may have trouble figuring out what specific models to get. Extinguishers can vary in important ways, including their size and classification.

It's thus important to find a fire extinguisher distributor offering model selection assistance. You can then speak to a knowledgeable expert on fire extinguishers. They'll assess your particular property and its risk of fires, and then they'll suggest models that will serve you best if fires ever do develop.

Thorough Testing

You want to make sure your fire extinguisher distributor takes the liberty of testing all of their products thoroughly to ensure they work and comply with fire protection regulations in your area. Then you can put a lot more faith into the condition and performance of fire extinguishers that you eventually receive from them.

The testing should be conducted prior to your order being sent out, and there should be documentation of this testing to show there weren't any abnormalities found with the fire extinguishers that you ordered from them.

Safe Transportation and Handling Methods

Once you pick out a set of fire extinguishers to purchase, they will have to be shipped out to your location. You want to make sure you find a distributor who offers safe transportation methods so that you don't have to fear anything happening to your fire extinguisher units.

The fire extinguisher distributor should take the necessary precautions when securing their inventory once it's loaded up into trucks and verify the units are secure before the driver takes off. Then the distributor needs to exercise safe handling practices when putting the extinguishers inside your commercial property.

Fire extinguishers are an important fire protection necessity that every commercial building should have. If you're about to complete an order with a distributor, make sure they offer the right models and support for them so that you can easily complete this transaction without having regrets about how these systems ultimately work out. 

For more information, contact a fire extinguisher distributor near you.


27 September 2022

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