Three Ways To Agitate Your Pond Water

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Hiring a local pond company to design and install a pond in your backyard is the start of an exciting process. Not only can the pond add beauty to your outdoor living space, but it can also provide countless hours of enjoyment ā€” both from sitting and listening to its gentle sounds and from watching your fish and plant life. The pond company will ask if you want to use one or more devices to agitate the water. Doing so is useful because stagnant water is quick to develop algae, which will require cleaning. Here are three ways to consider agitating the pond water.


One of the most common ways to agitate the water in your pond is with a fountain. As the fountain water splashes onto the surface of the pond, it will create ripples that will largely prevent algae from forming. There are all sorts of different fountains on the market, so you can decide how big of a fountain you want and even how you want the water to look when it shoots upward. It can also be fun to discuss where you want the fountain to appear. Many people favor having the fountain in the center of the pond, but there are other locations that you may prefer.


Another option to consider for agitating your pond water is to use a waterfall. Pond companies can show you images of several different waterfall designs so that you can choose the right one for your sense of style. Some waterfalls can look very refined and modern, while others will offer more of a rustic and natural look. Generally, the water will tumble from a rock structure at the edge of the pond, so you'll get to decide what type of rocks you want and what height the structure will be.


Some homeowners decide to agitate the water in their pond with a bubbler. As its name indicates, this is a device that simply produces bubbles that prevent the water from being stagnant. Bubblers don't tend to be as flashy as fountains and waterfalls, but that may suit you well if you want your backyard pond to have a natural and simple design. The installation of a bubbler at the edge of the pond can be subtle; you can even have it positioned beneath a rock overhang if you want it hidden. Discuss these water agitation solutions with a company that offers pond installation.


9 January 2023

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