Strategies To Eliminate House Ants

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Although ants are often drawn to the pantry, they may take up residence anywhere in the home where they can source food and water. Eradicating the pests usually requires the assistance of a professional.

Treatment Options

A three-prong approach ensures that the ants are eradicated from your home and its immediate environs. New ants must be kept from entering the home, while those already there will require extermination.

Exterior Barrier 

An exterior barrier treatment is applied outside of your house, around the perimeter of the foundation. Any ants attempting to cross the barrier will come in contact with the pesticide and thus won't make it very far. 

Interior Application

The barrier treatment doesn't do anything for ants already in the home, though. A second application of a pesticide formulated for safe indoor use will be applied in the most problematic areas. 

Bait Traps

Full eradication of the invading ant colony will help prevent future ant problems. Bait traps are used both inside and outside. Ants will take the bait from the traps, mistaking it for food, and bring it to the main colony. This ensures every ant, including the queen, is exposed to the pesticide.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Pesticide treatments are only one part of an ant management plan. The treatment can only be effective in both the short and long term if proper follow-up protocols are followed.

Cleaning Cautions

Ant pesticides are designed to be long-lasting, with a treatment often remaining effective for several months. They do need time to set, though, so don't clean or hose down application areas for a few days after application. Your pest service may provide further guidance specific to the pesticide used.

Entrance Management

As part of the initial ant treatment, your service tech likely searched out a few likely entrance spots. These may be cracks in the foundation or siding or poor seals around windows and doors. A few minor repairs can plug up these entrances so you don't have to worry about another ant problem in the future.

Follow-Up Applications

Patience is important when it comes to scheduling follow-up applications, as the ant problem may initially seem to get worse as the bait brings more of the pests out of hiding. Follow-up applications should not be reapplied until recommended by the manufacturer. Excess applications won't kill the ants faster, and the pesticide benefit may be a health hazard to humans.

Contact an ant extermination service if you notice ants in your home.


8 March 2023

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