Have You Purchased Your First Home? 2 Lawn Care Tips

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If you purchased your first home, there are many things you must do to keep things in good condition. One thing is taking proper care of the lawn. Doing this will ensure your lawn stays green and healthy throughout the growing season. To help you, hire a lawn treatment service if you do not have experience. Below is information on what they can do to help you.  Fertilize Your Lawn

13 April 2023

Strategies To Eliminate House Ants

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Although ants are often drawn to the pantry, they may take up residence anywhere in the home where they can source food and water. Eradicating the pests usually requires the assistance of a professional. Treatment Options A three-prong approach ensures that the ants are eradicated from your home and its immediate environs. New ants must be kept from entering the home, while those already there will require extermination. Exterior Barrier 

8 March 2023

Three Ways To Agitate Your Pond Water

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Hiring a local pond company to design and install a pond in your backyard is the start of an exciting process. Not only can the pond add beauty to your outdoor living space, but it can also provide countless hours of enjoyment — both from sitting and listening to its gentle sounds and from watching your fish and plant life. The pond company will ask if you want to use one or more devices to agitate the water.

9 January 2023