3 Reasons To Install A Water Softener In Your Home

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Water softeners are a great investment for any home. Some people wonder if a water softener is worth the money. In the majority of cases, a water softener is a great addition to your house and can keep your home in better condition. Here are some reasons to have a water softener. 1. Healthier Skin One of the main reasons people get a water softener is to help their skin. When you have hard water, it can cause your skin to dry out and break out in rashes.

3 November 2016

Lawn Care Winterization Tips

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Are you tired of your house being the last one to have green grass in the spring? Do you want to know what you can do to make your lawn grow better next year? For the best growth, you'll want to winterize your lawn before any snow falls or frost hits. This aspect of lawn care isn't difficult but, like anything else, must be done properly for it to be effective.

13 October 2016

Flooring Options For 4 Rooms Of Your Home

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If you are planning to do a remodel of your house, you may feel overwhelmed with what you are going to do with it. One often overlooked part of a remodel is the floors. You are not limited to using a single flooring option throughout your house, since you can pick different types of flooring for the specific needs of the room. These are options for four different rooms of your home.

20 September 2016

Closing Out The Summer With An Evening Backyard Party? 3 Tips To Light It Up In Style

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Summer is drawing to a close and kids have gone back to school. If you want to close out summer by having a backyard party, you can light it up to make things look beautiful. Below are three landscape lighting tips to help you get started.  Light Up a Pathway If you have a pathway that leads to your backyard, add some path lights. This makes it much safer for your guests, especially when they are going home and it is darker outside.

19 August 2016

Unearthing Stone In Your Own Yard When You Live In The Midwest: How To Do It And Why It Works

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Stone supplied from a landscaping company is nice stuff, especially if you can get it in various natural colors and hues. However, it may also prove somewhat pricey, depending on where you live and the landscaper you buy the stones from. If you live in the Midwest or the most northern parts of the plains states, you can get your stone supply for free just by digging in your yard. Here is how to do just that, and why it works.

26 July 2016

3 Ways Rain Chains Can Help You Sell Your Home

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Do you want to increase the value of your home? Are you looking for new ways to get potential buyers interested in your property? Consider a rain chain. This attractive alternative to a traditional downspout is a great way to add function and fun to your home. Rain chains are made of copper, brass or steel. They are typically a series of small dishes connected by a chain that hangs down from your roof and helps drain excess water.

7 June 2016

Two Tips To Help You Choose The Right Electric Gate Opener For Your Home

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If you're thinking about installing a gate around your home that will include an electric gate opener, you're making a wise decision.  Not only does a gate with an electric opener add to your safety, it can also serve as a major selling point if you decide to sell your home.  However, because you will likely open and close your gate on a repeated basis each day, it's important for you to choose an electric gate opener that can stand the test of time.

16 May 2016

Creative and Clever Ideas for Your Next Garden

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Having a garden in your own backyard is great, as you can have fresh organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit at your disposal. You can create a large garden or just a small, simple garden on your patio with one or two plants. Whatever size garden you have, be creative with it. Here are some ideas for your next backyard garden. Make Plant Markers Throw out those small plastic plant markers that came with your plants and make your own.

19 April 2016

3 Ways To Remove Tree Roots

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After having a tree removed from your property, there is still the nasty little problem of roots. Roots can continue to grow for some time after a tree is removed and can continue to do significant damage to your property, including cracking pavement and bursting sewer lines. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few tips to get rid of tree roots once and for all after tree removal.

15 March 2016

What Should You Know Before You Take Your Art In To Be Framed?

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Before you take your art into the framing shop, there are several determinations you should make about the art being framed, the location where the art is being hung and other factors. Knowing these things ahead of time can help you pick the right frame for your purposes and can also increase your satisfaction with your final product. What is the size of the space where the art will be hung?

14 February 2016