Did You Buy A Fixer Upper You Want To Rent Out? 3 Investments To Make Before You List It


Have you bought a small property that you plan on renting out to tenants, but it needs some updates and you don't know where it's best to invest your money? There are some changes that are worth spending your money on, that will attract renters and make the happy, and that can allow you to get more money each month. The renters are going to want something that is modern, but also comfortable to live in.

30 June 2016

Winter Home Maintenance Tips: A New Homeowner's Guide


When you move into a new home, there are numerous factors and elements that you will need to take care of and get used to. After all, every home has its own unique quirks and needs. However, when the winter months come around, there are certain tasks that are vitally important to any home and any homeowner. Get to know some of the home maintenance and repair tasks that you will need to keep up on this winter so that you can have a home that is warm, cozy, and safe this winter.

28 November 2015

3 Areas To Spring Clean That You May Not Have Thought About


As warmer weather settles over the country, your thoughts may be turning toward spring cleaning and preparing your house for summer. While there are a number of ways to clean your house and make it fresh for the coming year, such as washing curtains and sweeping dust from behind your furniture, there are a few areas that could use a scrubbing that you may not have thought about. Chimney

16 April 2015

A Garden For Arrangements That Are Good Enough To Eat


An edible garden is a captivating accent when planted just outside your kitchen or deck. This ensures that the chef in the house always has access to fresh plants, herbs, and veggies that can enhance simple dishes or recipes. Here are some things to keep in mind: Getting ready to plant Don't try to create a garden plot that is too large, or it may create more work than you intend.

5 March 2015

3 Signs That It's Time For A New Dishwasher


A dishwasher can be a pretty big investment, and you probably don't want to replace it if you don't have to. A good appliance repair professional can make repairs to your existing dishwasher, but there are many situations in which you're better off buying a new unit. These are three common signs that it's time to buy a new dishwasher for your home. 1. Your Shelves are Rusty If you begin to notice rust on the shelves in your dishwasher, it's probably time to start thinking about making a replacement.

16 February 2015

Refresh Your Windows On A Budget


If eyes are the windows to the soul, then your home's windows are important for two reasons: 1) From the outside looking in, your windows frame your life and lifestyle, and 2) from the inside, your windows direct the eyes to certain vistas and views. It makes sense, then, that your windows, like the rest of your home, should be treated as an important design element. Many practical, traditional window treatments (drapes, shutters, etc.

5 February 2015

3 Ways To Reduce The Need For Dishwasher Repair


A dishwasher can need repairs for several reasons, especially if there are problems with the lines and pipes that run to the dishwasher. If you want to reduce the chances of needing a repair, then here are 3 great tips. Clean with Vinegar If too much hard water builds up in your dishwasher, the heating element may not be able to properly dry your dishes in a normal cycle. Eventually, the heating element can go out or may not work properly from all of the caked on minerals.

29 January 2015